When you think of roller shutter repairs, you may think that any old company will do, but the truth is, you need to really vet the company that comes to repair your roller shutters and do your due diligence. Many companies roller shutters are the main security details of their business and ensuring that they are in full working order and properly installed is essential for any business looking for peace of mind, assurance that their security is completely managed.

roller shutter installation in Manchester

What To Expect When Repairing Onsite?

So usually if your roller shutters have broken and are in need of repair, first thing you need to do is Google terms such as roller shutter repairs Bolton or Manchester or whatever town you are in. Then check out some websites from established companies like us and get to look at recent portfolios and installations in the area. You can get generally get a feel for the quality of a roller shutter installation company by looking over their professional qualifications, experience and more importantly feedback and reviews.

Once you are satisfied you have found the right company and done your due diligence on that company then the next step is to call the company and ask them some questions, certain things a roller shutter company will need to know

1 – What type of roller shutter is it? Is it electric or manual? We will need to know the make of the roller shutter and manufacturer if possible.

2 – What is the issue with the roller shutter, is the lock broken?, has the shutter been broken due to a burglary? Has the motor stopped working if electric? As much detail as possible here will ensure we can provide the best and fastest resolution to your problem.

3- Your location and if we can get access to the premises with the van etc, imperative as sometimes the back entrances can pose a problem for us.

4 – Send us a photo of the issue and the shutter.


Once we know this information we can then do one of two things, we can give you a quote or a rough estimation that will be ball park or we can come out with the tools to come and repair your roller shutters, shutters or industrial doors. All you have to do is let us know a good time to come so we can cause minimal disruption to your business and ensure we can get the job done and finished in a quick time.

So, if you are looking for quality roller shutter repairs in Bolton, Manchester, Wigan, North West and Cheshire, speak to the #1 roller shutter repair company in the area, we offer free quotes and site surveys and we work with the best roller shutter manufacturers in the UK so you know that when we come to install or repair your roller shutters you’ll have the best manufacturers and the best security for your business.


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